Risultati immagini per CONTROMANO ( 2018 ) poster gif

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PLOT          Mario Cavallaro wakes up every morning in the same way, in the same house, in the same district in the same city, Milan. She has just turned fifty’years. Mario loves’order, accuracy, timeliness, respect, the decoration, a low voice, staying every one to his place. His life is divided between his shop socks inherited from his father and a vegetable garden, unique passion known, put in feet on the balcony of her home. Any change in the scares, imagine if his old bar is sold to an Egyptian and if in front of his shop arrives Oba, Baldo Senegal seller of socks. Enough is enough and for Mario the solution is simple and neutral at the same time: “put things in place”. So he decides to kidnap Oba back simply to his house, Milano-Senegal one way. At the bottom, deliberation, if all they do the migration issue would be solved simply set the navigator. But then this paradoxical on the road you will make it more complicated terribly. Also because Oba agree to its “deportation” provided that Mario riaccompagni at home even her sister Dalida. Will be serious troubles or’beginning a new unexpected harmony?